Prasat Muang Singh Khmer ruins in Thailand.

Places to Visit near Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

The Prasat Muang Singh ruins.

These are situated off Highway 323 and 43kms west of Kanchanaburi and alongside the Khwae Noi River. It is open daily and has an entrance fee for foreigners of 100 Baht plus another 50 Baht for parking. The ruins of Prasat Muang Singh date from the 13th century and mark the western most point of Khmer Empire - like most such temples it faces east in line with Angkor and was surrounded by moats and walls forming a 1 sqkm rectangle.
Prasat Muang Singh, Thailand. Prasat Muang Singh, Thailand. Prasat Muang Singh Prasat Muang Singh, Thailand.
Prasat Muang Singh, Thailand. Bodhisatva Avalokitesavara at Prasat Muang Singh, Thailand. Prasat Muang Singh building, Thailand. Khwae Noi River at Prasat Muang Sing, Thailand.
The central sanctuary and Prang are the only structures which remain and are in a quite ruined condition - inside there is a statue of Bodhisatva-Avalokitesavara. Although the complex can be combined with the Erawan Waterfalls it is quite a drive between the two locations and in fact there is little to see. There are a few glimpses of the river which is somewhat lined with holiday chalets - and the other marked ruins seem to be non-existant.

The Shinakarind Dam and a nice unusual Sundial.

This is situated north of the turnoff which goes to Erawam Waterfalls i.e. on the 3199 highway. The Shinakarind Reservoir and Dam is worth the diversion to take a look at the lake and also you can walk across the Dam and on the far side there are some gardens and viewing areas.
Srinakarind Dam, Erawan National Park, Thailand. Srinakarind Reservoir, Erawan National Park, Thailand. Sundial gardens, Erawan National Park, Thailand. Erawan Sundial, Erawan National Park, Thailand.
The lake is fed by the dammed waters of the Mae Khlong and Kha Khaeng rivers which give rise to the Kwai Yai River (also known as it arrives at Kanchanaburi as the River Kwai because of the Bridge and subsequent film). From the power station end a short drive leads to a very unusual and quite large sundial which is situated in a beautifully maintained garden and park area.

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