Chiang Mai dragons.

Chiang Mai Thailand Tours - looking at Wats, Chedi and Temples.

Wats and Temples that are outside of Chiang Mai City Wall.

Below are photos of several temples located just outside the City Wall some of which are along the Tha Pae Road and the Ping River and others along the north moat.

Wat Ket Karam, Chiang Mai Wat Ket Karam, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Ket Karam

Wat Ket Karam.

Ket Karm Temple is located on the eastern side of the Mae Ping River and according to records was built in 1971 B.E.(Buddhist Era) i.e. in 1428 when the region was ruled by Phra Jao Sam Fang Kean, King of the Mung Rai dynasty. Originally the Wat Ket pagoda was called Phra Thad Ket Kaew Jula Manee - where the relic of Lord Buddha was kept. The Pagodas birth sign is of the "Dog" and it represents the original pagoda in the topmost heaven (Daowadueng) on earth - the spire was purposely tilted so that it did not point at the pagoda in heaven. Between 2121 B.E. and 2124 B.E. the temple was restored under the orders of Mung Noratha Chor (ruler of Chiang Mai 2121-2150 B.E.).
Wat Buppharam, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Buppharam chedi, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Wat Buppharam - Chiang Mai.

The Buddhist Temple of Wat Buppharam is closely connected with former Chiang Mai royalty - it was built in 1496 King Phra Muang Kaeo on the site of King Thokarat's Royal Palace.
In 1819 King Thammalangka ordered the construction of the small Wihan which was built in Lanna style and the larger Wihan was built later on by King Kawiloros. The library was built in 1996 as an act of merit towards the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his reign.
Wat Buppharam emerald buddhas, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Buppharam golden buddha, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Buppharam Library, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Buppharam temple dragon, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Wat Pan Waen, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Pa Pao, Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are many Temples around in Chiang Mai not only within the Old Quarter but outside of the moat as well.
The following are just a few photos of particularly nice ones we came across. (if you place your mouse-pointer over the image it will give the name of the Wat).
Wat Phra Chao Meng Rai, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Saenfang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Morn Thean Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Chaisriphoom
Wat Chaisriphoom, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Chaisriphoom inside, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Mahan dragon, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wat Mahawan, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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