Beautiful Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.

Thailand - Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai.

About Thailand and where abouts it is in the world.

Located in the Far East and situated within the Indochina Peninsula, Thailand is one of the countries to visit if on an extended Far East tour. Although it has been particularly popular in recent years for it's beautiful beaches, nightlife and easy going style the country does have far more to offer than that. Thailand offers loads of beautiful temples, palaces, gardens, wats and ancient sites to explore as well as it's lovely countryside with beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lakes and jungle.
Thailand's neighbours are Burma which is on it's northern and western border, Laos on it's eastern border, Cambodia in the south and further south and in the Mekong Delta it shares it's border with Vietnam. There are quite a few airlines which operate via Bangkok and this helps to make fares pretty reasonable so flying into Bangkok for the start of a tour is a good option. This then makes touring several countries really easy - for instance visiting the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, then heading up into Cambodia and ending up around Bangkok. Or how about going from Bangkok to Yangon to look around Myanmar for a week or so then you can fly directly to Cambodia if you wish - or directly into Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi)..
Another nice loop to consider is to start off from Vietnam, then into Vientiane in Laos, up to Luang Prabang and then cross back into northern Thailand perhaps at Chiang Mai. From there continue heading south back towards Bangkok visiting Sukhothai and Ayutthaya on the way. An additional advantage which makes Thailand such a good entry point for touring in Indochina is that in many cases foreign tourists do not need to have a visa to go in and out of the country.
Our topics about holidays and touring in Thailand:-
Thailand's Currency - ATMs etc. ATMs can be found at the airports as well as all round major places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and so on. As far as we could determine the only currency the ATMs issue is Thai Bahts - the ATMs are mostly linked with many of the world's credit and debit card systems like Visa and so on - typically a charge seemed to be around 150 Baht for a transaction. Money exchange is also widely available with both USD and Euro quite happily exchanged - if you want to shift a few UK Pounds though you will probably have to do it in an actual bank.
Wats at Chiang Mai in Thailand. The locations and topics in Thailand which are covered by our touring guides and photos are:
Bangkok City - this is about flying to Bangkok and information about the airport, getting around the city - ferries, tuk-tuks, taxis, sky train, metro and so on and a bit about hotels and places to eat.
Bangkok Tours - packed with photos this covers some of the main places to see in the city including the Buddhist Temple of Wat Arun, Bangkok Grand Palace and Wat Prakeo. Also about visiting Lumphini Park and Gardens and photos and information from a Boat Trip on Bangkok's Canals and Chao Phraya River.
Ayutthaya Tours - the original capital of Thailand (Siam), the City Island of Ayutthaya has loads of old temples and buildings to look around - it's easy to get there from either Bangkok or from Sukhothai.
Sukhothai Heritage Park - located further to the north of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai Heritage Park is where there are many very old and beautiful Wats, Temples, Chedi and Shrines to look around including Wat Mahathat, Wat Tra Kuan and Wat Chana Songkhram.
Chiang Mai - way up in the north of Thailand this is one possible exit point for a far eastern tour which continues into Luang Prabang in Laos. Chiang Mai City itself is very interesting to stay in for a few days, especially for looking around it's many Wats and Temples situated inside the old City Walls. Additionally there are also several enjoyable day trips which are convenient from Chiang Mai.
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